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Offshore Outsourcing
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  • Does the Company have a Disaster Recovery plan?
  • What is the Disaster recovery plan?
  • Can it sustain a development operation?
  • What about power?
  • How efficient is the Voice and Data communications to the country?
  • Is high bandwidth available?
  • How easy is it to establish voice and data communications?
  • Is the environment secluded?
  • Are the facilities shared with other companies? In that event how are the networks and people physically isolated?
  • How is access limited or controlled?
  • What kinds of physical security exist to prevent movement digital resources?
  • What are the network security policies?
  • What are the password policies?
  • What SCM expertise is in use?
  • What is the personnel management process? How are the people hired, trained, rewarded?
  • What is the attrition management process?
  • What is the chain of command and control?
  • What could be cultural issues?
  • Are we internally prepared for outsourcing?
  • Are systems in place to support outsourcing?
  • Are people in the Company enlisted to support the Outsourcing process?
  • Have we defined all the processes needed to make the engagement successful?
  • Is there internal buy-in?
  • Do we have corporate sponsorship?
  • Have we defined the standards to be used for outsourcing?
  • Have we defined success criteria?
  • How will we measure Quality?
  • How will we measure service levels?
  • How will we maintain visibility into the development?
  • How will we manage change of personnel within our Company who are part of the outsourcing process?
  • Are the facilities insured? Fireproof?

  • Geographic Risks

    Project Risks

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