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Offshore Outsourcing
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  • How stable is the country politically?
  • Is there civil strife in the area of operations?
  • How easy is it to travel, obtain visas?
  • Are there any political �strains� that could undermine the
  • Program between the two countries?
  • What is the legal framework that supports the activity?
  • How well are Intellectual Property rights enforced?
  • What are tax implications for the country?
  • Will the country permit a 100% owned subsidiary?
  • How easy is it to setup an operation?
  • What are the labor laws?
  • How easy is it to exit?
  • What are the customs and duties and other licensing requirements? What overheads are needed to manage these?
  • Are we allowed to export the technology we have in mind for operations in that country?
  • Ease and speed of getting domestic import licenses?
  • What is the quality of the education system?
  • What is the capacity generation capability of the country?

  • Project Risks

    Infrastructure and Operational Risks
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