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China is one country that is emerging as a most serious competitor to India and is challenging India's lead in the Software development marketplace. Let us have a look at some of its features in IT

  • China has the numbers and the low cost structure that India enjoys. Infact cost is even lower as compared to India which has given China added advantage.
  • It lacks with its rigid enforcement of Intellectual property rights and also suffers from the language barrier.
  • Japan continues to use China as a staging for a big portion of its Software development, even as it has moved to engage India.
  • But the Government has been taking a lot of initiatives in the recent past which has given a boost to the It sector in China.
  • Major emphasis has been given to English learning by the Government.
  • Many Indian companies has also started looking towards China to start up its software development centers to take the cost advantage and mark its presence to grab the local Chinese market.

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