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Offshore Outsourcing
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Looking for Outsourcing Partners? Partner with

The following ideas will get you thinking about expanding your business globally.

  • Are you looking at moving some of your IT activities to a low cost country? We can assist you in finding the right vendors to fulfill your needs.

  • We would also consider working as a technology partner with well established companies. We can enhance the capability of many companies that don't have expertise in latest technologies.

  • If you are a web or software development company then we would like to talk to you about a strategic alliance. We have already build some strong relationships with leading web developement companies. In these alliances we receive projects that are technically beyond the abilities of these companies or projects that are too big for them to handle. We then find a partner who completes the work and return it to the developer. His customer may not even know the development was done offshore.

Many developers are finding that they can outsource their projects to us and get there jobs done without the added expenses of maintaining a large staff. Furthermore they often discover that they can offer a broader range of services to their clients.

Our goal is to create long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships. We understand that we win when you win. Here are a few of the reasons why our partners trust us to help their business grow:

More services, more quickly ::

We have experts in various technologies as our partners who can deliver services quickly without the overhead of training your own staff.

A better return for your money ::

Outsourcing IT projects Offshore can help businesses reduce costs, avoid risk and create unexpected revenue streams.

Corporate Strength ::

We have a solid capital structure, partnerships with leading companies worldwide and long-term growth opportunities.

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