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Benefits of IT Outsourcing to India - Strengths

             "India and IT are like France and wine."
                   Kiran Karnik, President, NASSCOM

India, the hottest destination today for Offshore IT Outsourcing beats the other destinations with its unique strengths. No doubt, Offshore Outsourcing to India is expected to reach $50 billion by 2008 as per a report Published by Brean Murray Institutional Research on June 16th, 2003 .

The Indian advantage for Offshore IT outsourcing includes:

Process and Quality Emphasis

Indian companies with their high technical skills, are able to deliver quality and on time. India has 24 CMM Level 5 certified companies out of the 49 worldwide. According to NASSCOM, India will soon have the highest number of ISO-9000 software companies in the world.

Government Policies:

The Indian Government has been proactive to meet the increasing needs of the fast emerging Indian Software services and ITES-BPO sector in India. Indian Government has always been pro-IT, formulating its policies & laws to promote the IT industry's growth. Some of its initiatives include

  • Setting up of specific commerce zones including the Software Technology Parks (STPs)
  • Making the existing laws more liberal
  • Giving tax exemption for exporting IT enabled outsourcing services
  • Deregulation & liberalization policies
  • Enactment of Cyber Legislation
  • Working on a stronger data protection and privacy law in association with NASSCOM

Skilled Talent Pool:

India has a large base of highly talented, qualified and easily available human resource in the field of Information Technology. Adding to this, India has the largest English speaking population amongst the developing countries. The government institutes like IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), IIM (Indian Institute of Management) and a number of other reputed institutes (both private and public) every year add to this pool.

Indian Education System:

India has one of the most advanced and developed educational systems in the world. The educational system is modeled to nurture analytical and scientific talent. Besides education is much more affordable in India as compared to the western nations.

With all the above-mentioned strengths, India has and will continue to have a growing number of vendors successfully working on complex projects across all areas of software and services, and performing at levels comparable to those of leading global players, as per a McKinsey & Co. report. India is definitely emerging as one of the most suitable IT Outsourcing destination.

Learn more about the advantages of India as an Offshore Destination

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