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Benefits of IT Outsourcing to India - Quality

In the past few years, the Indian IT industry has pursued the goal of attaining the highest international standards of quality. A World Bank funded study conducted as early as 1992 to discuss Indian software strategies had concluded that more and more vendors in the US prefer to get their software developed undertaken in India for its quality and cost advantage.

Indian players have created a strong value proposition in the IT software and services arena. India enjoys advantages of people sophistication in terms of a very large pool of English speaking scientific personnel, varied and extensive skill sets in terms of technology, and offering services at globally competitive costs. India also boast vendor sophistication--with more than 200 companies being quality accredited and serving the needs of over 255 Fortune 500 companies. Today, the world looks towards the Indian IT software and services industry for its good quality and high price performance.

According to McKinsey Co., India has and will continue to have a growing number of vendors successfully working on complex projects across all areas of software and services, and performing at levels comparable to those of leading global players.

As of 31st March 2002, India had 42 companies at SEI CMM Level 5 assessment. The quality maturity of the Indian software industry can be measured from the fact that already 316 Indian software companies have acquired quality certifications and more companies are in pipeline to do so.

The other heartening feature has been the growing acceptance and adoption of the newly emerging People-Capability Maturity Model (People-CMM) by the Indian software industry. For a country like India, with its large assets in the form of skilled human resources, the relevance of People CMM needs no emphasis. A large number of Indian IT software and services companies have been quick to realize this and have either implemented or initiated programs.

Learn more about the advantages of India as an Offshore Destination

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